Friendship with the City

This winter and spring, our focus on “friendship with the city” leads us to questions of justice. What is the good God asks of us in matters like race, gender, sexuality, money, power, and interfaith relations? What does it look like to follow Jesus and pursue justice for all? Join us as we explore these and other important questions…

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Webinar Speakers: Kelly Brown Douglas, Beth Allison Barr, D.L. Mayfield, Devin Singh, and Shirin Shafaie

Winter & Spring 2022

Themes and Books

Participants can choose to purchase and read the book of the month or access select free portions via Kindle samples or Google Books previews

FEBRUARY | Race and Justice

Kelly Brown Douglas, Resurrection Hope: A Future Where Black Lives Matter

MARCH | Gender, Sexuality, and Justice

Beth Allison Barr, The Making of Biblical Womanhood: How the Subjugation of Women Became Gospel Truth

APRIL | Money, Power, and Justice

D.L. Mayfield, The Myth of the American Dream: Reflections on Affluence, Autonomy, Safety, and Power

MAY | Justice in a Multi-Faith World

Kosuke Koyama, No Handle on the Cross: An Asian Meditation on the Crucified Mind

Large Group, Small Group

Large Group: Monthly Webinars

Each month begins with a webinar and ends with a fireside chat. Learn from leading thinkers, often the authors of books we’re reading! 

Small Group: CCSF Zoom Sessions

A CCSF-specific discussion group where you can ask questions, share thoughts, and reflect together as we move through the key themes. 

Monthly Webinar Schedule

  • 9:30 am, Feb 12: Kelly Brown Douglas 
  • 9:30 am, Mar 12: Beth Allison Barr 
  • 9:30 am, Apr 7: D.L. Mayfield and Devin Singh
  • 9:30 am, May 14: with Shirin Shafaie 
All times are Pacific, meetings will be on the F+J Platform. 

CCSF Group meeting Times

  • 12:00 pm, Feb 17 
  • 12:00 pm, Mar 17 
  • 12:00 pm, Apr 21 
  • 12:00 pm, May 19 
All times are Pacific, meetings will be on Zoom.

Our spring series will take place on


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The Faith and Justice Network is a ministry initiative that emerged from City Church SF and Newbigin House.